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Patch v295

1 commentaire - Eomer - Mardi 13 mai 2014 à 19h42 - News

- Correction de bug :
Armes à silencieux corrigées
- Langage :
Certains textes en Polonais sont corrigés
- ?quilibrage :

- FOB incoming accuracy multiplier (size) reduced from 1 to 0.3$
- Soviet Ka-52 size increased from Small to medium
- Soviet Ka-52 armor extended to the rear to reflect the lack of tail rotor weakness

- Some discrepancies among infantry rifles fixed, reserve units firepower reduced

- E-German FJB Strela 2 accuracy increased from 30% to 35% and rate of fire increased
- S-Korean M48A3K price increased from 20$ to 25$
- British & American AVRE & M728CEV gun fixed, they used to hit all the time.
- Canadian Chimera price increased from 110$ to 120$

- REDFOR Strela 1 missile HE increased from 3 to 4

- British & ANZAC Rapier guidance system fixed, they are not F&F anymore
- American M270 ATACMS is now reserved to US national deck, service date moved to 1986

- Soviet Ka-50 size increased from Small to medium
- Soviet Ka-50 armor extended to the rear to reflect the lack of tail rotor weakness

- American Super Cobra sidewinders supply cost fixed to match SAM supply cost instead of planes supply cost
- British Lynx AH.7 TOW 2 rate of fire fixed, it used to reload after each missile

- Bomber pattern reworked to focus the landing of multiple bombs (F111 still drop in line)
- LT-2 and M117 laser guided bombs accuracy, supression and damage values proportionally aligned on the GBU-10 model

- Swedish SK-60B with RB05 missile fixed, it used to lose control immediatly after being fired.
- ANZAC A-4K Kahu base availability reduced from 3 to 2
- American Wild Weasel gun removed, number of AIM-9 carried increased from 2 to 4


Knappick71 - 13/05/2014 20:56

Ah ! Le ATACMS est dispo que pour les USA enfin !


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