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Participez à la Beta du DLC 3 !

6 commentaires - Eomer - Vendredi 12 decembre 2014 à 18h14 - News

Le forum officiel nous annonce que la béta du prochain DLC est disponible ! pour à peu prêt 300Mo 


Pour y accéder, c'est simple :

Sur Steam, faites un click droit sur Red Dragon

=> Prioriétés

=> Bêtas

 sélectionner : Beta - DLC3 early acces




Voici le patch log :



  • Stripbv 90 command APC
    P93 Scania supply truck

  • Epbv 90

  • Strv 103D
    Strv 105
    Strv 121

  • Pansarskytte '90
    Kustjägare '90
    Norrlandsjägare shock light infantry
    Stormpionjärer flamethrower infantry

  • Bkan 1C
    Ikv AMOS (twin-)120mm mortar carrier
    Lvkv 90 SPAAG
    Rover RBS 70 light SAM jeep
    Rover RBS 90 (twin-)light SAM jeep

  • Amfibiebil amphibious transport truck
    Patgb XA-180
    Pvpjtgb RBS 56 ATGM jeep
    Ikv 105light tank destroyer

  • JAS 39A Grippen ASF
    A 32A Lansen napalm bomber[/spoiler]




  • Unimog Cargo

  • Spejdervogn M/95 armored jeep
    Jaeger '90

  • Leopard 1A5DK

  • FKP commandos
    Livgarden '90
    Ildstøttegruppe '75 CG M2 FIST squad
    Ildstøttegruppe '90 CG M3 FIST squad
    LLRkt M/93 Stinger

  • GMC M450 light SPAAG
    Otomatic heavy SPAAG
    I-Hawk SAM
    EOTS HAWK SAM (impervious to SEAD)

  • M113A3 ERA
    Laro TOW-2

  • Fennec TOW-2
    Fennec 20mm

  • F-16A MLU multirole
    F-35 Draken WDNS bomber
    CF-104 ASF
    F-100D CAS[/spoiler]




  • XA-186NO KPV command APC
    AS.332 (=SuperPuma) supply helicopter

  • AS.350 (= Squirrel) recon helicopter

  • Leopard 1A5NO
    Leopard 1A5NO2

  • FSK Spesialjegere commandos
    Geværmenn '90
    Stormingeniører RCL FIST squad
    Stormingeniører '90 Eryx FIST squad
    Fallskermjegere shock light infantry
    RBS 70 Mk2

  • M109A3GN
    M270 MLRS
    NM45 light SPAAG

  • XA-186NO
    CV9030NO IFV
    M151A2 TOW-2

  • Bell 412SP transport helo

  • F-16AM ASF
    CF-104 napalm bomber
    F-5A PUFF SEAD plane[/spoiler]



  • Vickers Mk.11 FSV


Cartes : 

Révision des cartes suivantes :

- Wonsan Harbour
- Plunjing Valley
- Tough Jungle
- Chosin reservoir
- Gunboat diplomacy
- Another D-Day in paradise
- Bloody Ridge
- Cliff Hanger



Général : 


SEAD rate of fire tweaked to avoid shooting at already dead targets and maximize their efficiency. Planes with 4 missiles fire them in pairs to guarantee the kill.
- Cluster Bombs AP increased to 6.
- Non-F&F MANPAD reload time reduced from 6 to 5sec to compensate the guidance time.
- Shock troops base availability incresed from 12 to 14 and from 10 to 12
- 5-men MANPAD teams with 5 men number of ammunition reduced from 8 to 6
- Vikhr missiles on plane and helicopter rate of fire increased by reducing reload time between missiles.

105/115mm : 


We have decided to grant high-end non-120mm MBT some more AP, based on service date's improved ammunitions, in order to buff minor nations(although a few "majors"' tanks are getting buffed in the process):
- 16 AP for 1985-1991 105/115mm.
- 17 AP for >1991 105/115mm.

Tanks with AP increasing to 16:

Tanks with AP increasing to 17:




We have decided to introduce an intermediary range between the present 525m & 875m for the infantry RPG/LAW based on on their real life characteristics and the following rules :
- 455m: .... only LRAC 73 ... (even less IRL, as the saying went: "Au 73mm : 75 mètres pour un soldat, 50 mètres pour un couillu !". I leave the French-speaker appreciate ... icon_e_smile.gif ).
- 525m: disposable launcher such as M72, RPG-75, ... and obsolete ordnance ones (RPG-2, Blindicide, Bazooka, ...).
- 700m: mainstream "ordnances" (CG, RPG, LRAC, ...) and some high-end disposable ones (RPG-26).
- 875m: high-end "ordnances" (Vampyr, RPG-16 & CG M3).

So, we've got:

Also, some LAW/RPG AP or ACC changes :



Deck : 


- Scandinavian coalition availability bonus decreased to +20%.
(- -10% per individual nations, we will refine the value after testing)



Logistique : 


- E-German T815's front armor set as 1 (as the CSSR one).

Command tanks availability set to 3 except for T-80UK that remains to 2


Infanterie : 


- Infantry MG supression radius incresed, that way they supress the ennemy even when they miss.
- Infantry MG power compressed, the worst MG are more powerfull and the MG3 is slighlty less powerfull.
- Light infantry AT munitions set to 9 for 10 men squads and 12 for 15 men squads

- REDFOR Type 78 RR range incresed from 1225 to 1400m
- REDFOR Type 56 RR range incresed from 1050 to 1225m
- Polish Saperzy no longer have access to Promet as transport.
- Polish Strzala-2 & GROM now have access to Promet as transport.
- Polish STRZELCY PODHALANSCY price reduced from 25$ to 20$
- E-German LEICHTE SCHUTZEN price reduced from 25$ to 20$
- Czech. LEHKA PECHOTA price reduced from 25$ to 20$
- Russian GORNOSTRELKI price reduced from 25$ to 20$

- American Light Riflemen price reduced from 20 to 15$
- American Light Riflemen '90 price reduced from 30$ to 25$
- British Gurkhas (both) strength increased from 10 to 15 men, price incresed to 30$
- British Gurkhas (both) now restricted to Stalwart & Puma as transprot.
- W-German Panzergrenadier price incresed from 15$ to 20$
- W-German Panzergrenadier '90 price incresed from 20$ to 25$
- Canadian Highlanders price increased from 20$ to 25$
- Canadian Highlanders base availability increased from 12 to 16
- Canadian Highlanders '90 base availability incresed from 12 to 14
- Canadian Legion '90 base availability incresed from 10 to 12.
- Norwegian Fallskermjegere renamed Fallskermjegere '90.
- Norwegian Fallskermjegere '90 reclassified as "Shock" light infantry instead of "Elite" SF, but unit strenght is expanded to 15 men (with loadout increasing accordingly)
(this two last changes are meant to make room for the incoming Fallskermjegere "'75" and the new FSK special force)


Chars : 

- Chinese ZTZ-85-IIA penetration increased from 18 to 19 AP.
- Chinese ZTZ-85-III penetration increased from 21 to 22 AP.
- N-Korean Ch'onma-ho IV penetration increased from 17 to 18 AP.

- ANZAC Leopard AS1+ service date moved from 1985 to 1987 (hence changing of era). [




Soutien : 

- 81mm mortars availability reduced from 8 to 6 per card.
- 81mm mortars price increased from 25$ to 30$
- American ATACMS is now available in 2 packs of 1 unit.
- American Patriot prototyped, hence availability reduced to 1 card
- Swedish Bkan 1A available in Mechanized & Armored decks. (the new 1C version is limited to support in its place)
- British Tracked Rapier FSA detection increased to match others radar SAMs
- S-Korean M727 I-HAWK PIP II price reduced from 80$ to 70$
- American M727 I-HAWK PIP III price reduced from 90$ to 80$ accuracy incresed from 55% to 60%

- REDFOR OSA AKM variants availability incresed from 4 to 6
- REDFOR OSA AK variants availability incresed from 6 to 8
- REDFOR OSA variants availability incresed from 8 to 10
- Russian MT-LB VASILEK price increased from 35$ to 45$
- Russian BM-30 Smerch AP power reduced from 8 to 7



Véhicules : 

- Norvegian SISU XA-180 price rduced from 15$ to 10$

- E-German SPW-80 price decreased from 20 to 15$ (as the Soviet one).
- Soviet BTR-90 re-roled as IFV, with its ATGM-launcher being replaced by an AGS-17 (fitting with model).
- Soviet BTR-90 price set at 30 & availability as 12/3.
- Polish Mi-24D (transport) now restricted to Formoza, Komandosi, Strzelcy Podhalanskcy & Zwiadowcy.
- Russian BMP-3 Arkan accuracy on the move increased from 15% to 35%
- S-Korean Su-76M isn't considered as mphibious anymore




- Helicopters with anti air missiles now detect planes from further away.

- American MH-60L DAP loadout changed from hellfire missiles to rockets, price reduced to 45$, base availability incresed to 10
- American AH-64D Longbow availability reduced from 3 to 2 per card.
- British Lynx 20mm price reduced from 35$ to 30$

- Soviet Ka-50 stealth removed
- Soviet Mi-28 Ataka V AP increased from 22 to 25
- Russian Mi-24V can now shoot its 8 Igla in a row without delay, price incresed from 90$ to 100$
- Czech. Mi-24 S-24 price incresed from 65$ to 75$, availability reduced from 8 to 6 per card.
- E-German DHS Mi-24P's missile costs reduced to match others of his kind.


- American F-16A Fighting Falcon loadout increased from 2 AIM-9J to 4 AIM-9J
- American F-16C Fighting Falcon loadout incresed from 2 AIM-9M to 4 AIM-9JM price increased from 135$ to 140$
- American F-4J Phantom II loadout increased to 4 AIM-9 and 4 AIM-7 and price increased from 65$ to 75$
- American F-18A loadout changed from 4 AGM-65 + 2 AIM-9 to 2 AGM-65 + 4 AIM-9
- French Mirage 5F price reduced from 120$ to 110$
- Japanese F-4EJ KAI price reduced from 130$ to 125$
- S-Korean A-37B Dragonfly price reduced from 75$ to 70$
- S-Korean KF-16C price reduced fom 150$ to 140$
- S-Korean KF-16C Block 52D price reduced fom 170$ to 160$
- Swedish Draken J 35F re-roled as multirole fighter, with Rb28 replaced by 12x m/56 135mm air-to-ground rockets.

- Russian Mig-27M price reduced from 125$ to 115$
- Russian Mig-29M price reduced from 150$ to 145$
- Czech. ODAB-500 bomb napalm effect increased in size and duration.
- N-Korean Mig-21 Bis loadout changed from 4xKh-66 to 2x Kh-66 + 2x PL-5



- Naval dual guns now consume the right amount of munition per salvo, they used to consume twice that amount.

- Chinese ZSD-90 now available to Chinese Marines in the Naval tab.

- American Monitor 105mm smoke dispersion radus increased to match HE dispersion radius


Knappick71 - 12/12/2014 19:51

ça fais du bien pour le budget et pour les Lance-roquette AT :D

F.F.R. Wetherby - 12/12/2014 21:30

Un patchlog minimaliste je trouve, des améliorations intéressantes (notamment l'amélioration d'AP des LR) mais localisé et peu intéressante (Buff de l'AP des chars avec 105MM), honnêtement j'attendais beaucoup plus de ce patchlog en espérant qu'il s'étoffera avec le temps.

BlacK DREAM - 13/12/2014 19:47

je suis deçut des degat de l otomatic car selon UN 76 min sa peut au moins

detruire en un coup un MI 2

F.F.R. Wetherby - 13/12/2014 20:57

Madmat a annoncé sur le forum que le DLC3 sera lancé sur la branche principale en Janvier le temps pour eux de faire...des nouvelles cartes !


Alléluia ils nous ont entendu! 



Cadeau de Noël made in Eugen


On a beau dire et se plaindre, Eugen est loin d'être un filou à la EA (ou même Bioware ?) et écoute sa communauté un minimum !

Merry Christmas !


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