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Patch v48

0 commentaire - Eomer - Mardi 01 avril 2014 à 19h17 - News

Aujourd'hui nous avons une officialisation du patch v43 précédent avec quelques petits apports




- added feedbacks on player names and messages in the social chat: a white highlight feedback means you can interact with this element with a click.
The [SYSTEM] will then display that the message has been copied to clipboard, or that you are talking privately to the selected player.
- clicking on a player will directly add them to your RECENT CONTACT list, from which you can add them to your friends or mute them using the colored buttons of the chat.
You no longer have to talk to them before you can achieve such actions.



Par ailleurs, il y a un bug sur la police de caractères du chat en jeu, qui la rend difficilement lisible, ce sera corrigé très bientôt.


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