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Patch Cartel + Zoom

1 commentaire - Apolyon - Jeudi 06 août 2015 à 17h23 - News

Non le patch n'est pas encore là ! Mais pas loin, son statut est passé de  " the imminence? "  à " in a few moments" ! 


EDIT : Le patch est là ! 1,2Gb ! 

Pour bous faire patienter, Eugen Systems nous dévoile les principaux changements qui interviennent avec ce patch : - "Zoom Out and Cartel" Patch - [EUG]Bigoudi, 06.08.15 


Tout d'abord le Zoom ! Le niveau maximum de dé-zoom a été augmenté 30 à 40% !


En conséquence, le niveau max de zoom passe de ça :



A ça :




Et il faut l'avouer, ça envoie du paté !


Ensuite, ce patch fait la part belle au Cartel ! Cette faction sera alors disponible au joueur mais aussi à l'IA.


Un nouveau mode de jeu FFA ("Free for All" / Chacun pour soi") et 3 nouvelles cartes font leur apparition !

Les cartes sont :


Here lie the Hero 



Fourth point of contact 



Lost runway 



En plus de tout cela, l'affichage Ingame des joueurs a été implémenté ainsi que l'afficahge du nombre de munition et du carburant pour les avions !




Pour découvrir tout cela plus en détails, je vous laisse vous rendre directement sur : - "Zoom Out and Cartel" Patch - [EUG]Bigoudi, 06.08.15 


Et voici le Patchlog détaillé : 


Zoom out and Cartel are now ready to download in patch v.401: 


- Adding the third faction of the game: the Cartel, with its AI available in all difficulties as well.

- Adding a new 1vs1 map, "Here Lie The Heroes"
- Adding two new 2vs2 maps available also in Free For All mode, "Fourth Point of Contact" and "Lost Runway".

- Increasing the max altitude of the zoom in the "normal view". This is the "zoom out" we have been announcing in a recent blog post (read more here:
- Adding a Gameplay option to unable the transition to Satellite view when using the mouse wheel.
- Adding a Gameplay option to change the scrolling speed: Very slow, Slow, Normal (current speed), Fast and Very fast are available.

- Allowing automatic fire at full range for all units, except for a few artillery units that one could want to keep unrevealed. This means most units no longer wait for a unit to enter their own range of sight to open fire on an enemy (ex: upgraded Javelin garrisoned in houses, Puma's missiles etc...).
- Displaying ammos and fuel gauge feedbacks for deployed planes.
- Displaying the progression of all ressuplying planes: hovering a type of plane in the airport panel will display the % of ressuplying for each plane of this type.

- Transport helicopters will load and unload troops much faster.
Observers can see messages sent to [ALL] channel ingame.
- Units no longer automatically fire on enemies being captured.
- Fixing the rally point placement for buildings with a "U" or "L" shape, that was often placed outside the building.

- Decreasing the maximum number of pilots that can appear when destroying a unit.
- Buildings under construction now have a specific and harmless explosion FX. Therefore they will no longer deal damage when destroyed during construction.
- [US] Increasing the Blazer's acceleration and deceleration, making it easier to maneuver.
- [US] Increasing the Blazer's health points by 2 points (12hp, up from 10hp).
- [CHIMERA] The Fennek and the Metal Storm no longer open fire automatically while being stealth.

- Fixing Grenadier's firing animation.
- Tigre helicopters' model now have pilots.

- Rebalancing of many SFX (combat SFX, higher distance of fading out, reducing tracked vehicles movement SFX...).
- Adding construction SFX.
- Removing the "selection" sound feedback when clicking on unavailable productions.

- Fixing the "infantry stuff on cliffs" bug, which was occurring when giving an homogeneous move order to a multi-selection including infantry and vehicles.

- Fixing a crash that could seldom happen upon upgrading a unit.

- The Terminators don't display their color with max dezoom when in normal view
- Some adjustements to be made to the new zoom out view (performances and details to be improved).
- The electricity shortage icon is not displayed at the moment due to a bug. It wil be back in a forthcoming patch.


Pour ceux qui ne l'auraient pas vu, voici le trailer gameplay du Cartel:




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