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Act of Aggression - Le patch pré-lancement...

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Eugen Systems vient de communiquer les principaux changements apporté par le futur Patch de "Pré-Lancement"...

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Le Patch est prévu pour très bientôt (soon©)... Restez vigilant ! 


Forum Eugen Systems - Preview of the Beta's last patch before release - [EUG]MadMat, 27.08.2015 



The official release of Act of Aggression has never been so close ...
...yet we still are cooking several improvements to the current state of the game.

On release date, we'll add all missing features, such as the solo campaign, ranked mode, more maps, more units' voices ... and some more improvements!
But meanwhile, we are going to release one last patch bringing several changes to the table. We hope to address many feedbacks with this patch:

- Stealth shot & Stealth units: while the perma-stealth units are definitely gone, the Ambush Shot will make a return in the form of a "Stealth Shot", displayed as "X2 Damage" ingame, only for unrevealed units. The Cartel will retrieve its damage spike when playing Hit&Run. It applies to ground units only, not planes.
- Long range non-stealth units such as the Puma or the Javelin will see their damage increased to compensate their loss of damage due to the removing of the Ambush mechanic.

- Hold fire: While all stealth units will now fire automatically, we also added a Hold Fire button which will allow you to keep them quiet, and then disable it in order to unleash hell on your enemies.
This button will also prove useful to keep your artillery units concealed.

- New multi-weapon fire system: we have implemented a new system that allows units to fire with all its weapons at the same time. This will benefit the Puma, the Terminator, the Pantsir and the Blazer, but we don't think it will break the balance. This fixes a mechanic which appeared flawed, indecipherable and micro-heavy.

- Capturing buildings: the Capture mechanic was very powerful at the beginning of the game, but it's also a very fun mechanic. What we did is turning this capacity into an upgrade available in the HQ, and which will now need to be researched in order to give this ability to all your soldiers.
If one wants to capture enemy buildings, he will now need to commit resources into this upgrade, meaning that the opponent will be able to spend resources in his own counters (defenses, rush... or capture himself). We think it will avoid ending a match in 2min, while keeping the fun of the mechanic. However we will see how it plays during the upcoming days of the beta.

Also coming with this change, stealth units will be revealed when capturing a building. We also increased dramatically the priority of automatic fire on units that are capturing your buildings (or POW), this should make it much easier to defend against a swarm of infantry in your base.

- Chimera's Nano-Healing spam: a cooldown has been added so it cannot be abused.

Patch release to be expected ... soon©, according to our most detailed forecasts.



Il à l'air très bien ce patch.


Et le stealth shot est très proche de l'embuscade d'act of war.


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