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v.461 - Dernier patch avant la release !

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Le dernier Patch avant le lancement officiel du jeu est là ! 

Comme annoncé il y a quelques jours par Eugen système, ce patch apporte pas mal modifications très attendues ! Les principales sont :

Et ce n'est que la partie émergée de l'iceberg ! Je vous laisse découvrir le reste par vous même ci-dessous !
Forum Eugen Systems - [AoA Beta] Patch v.461 - [EUG]MadMat, 28.08.15

NEW PATCH (v.461):
As promised, the last patch before release ...
Let's end this in an apotheosis, with a good ol' Friday evening patch! :twisted:
- Choppers don't self-inflict damages from their rockets or napalm bombs anymore.
- Choppers don't take damages from fires anymore.
- Fixing a bug preventing anti-air units to fire automatically.
- Fixing a bug preventing a player to see an ally's buildings under construction.
- Adding the « Hold Fire » order.
- New multi-weapon fire system implemented: Pantsir, Puma, Terminator & Blazer may now fire with all their weapons at once, even at different targets, but always in the same direction (turret orientation). DISCLAIMER: we are aware that some shots are not being fired from the proper position. It will be fixed.
- Reorganization of the action panel's icons.
- Game localization in Italian, French, German & Spanish added (to be changed in Steam properties, not ingame).


Generic :
- The ability to capture building now only comes as an upgrade, called ??Breaching Training?, to be researched in the HQ.
- Soldiers in the process of capturing an enemy are now ranked as high-priority targets for enemy automatic fire behavior.
- ??Ambush shot? mechanics is back, but now restricted to undetected stealth units only.
- Stealth units are now allowed to fire automatically (to manage more elaborated ambushes, one will have to use the new ??Hold Fire? order).
- Stealth infantry now reveal themselves when capturing a building or POW.
- CIWS mechanics was refined: not only missiles all missile are now slightly harder to intercept, but they get harder to intercept the more advanced they are.
Chimera : 
- Puma's Spike NLOS missile's damages increased from 3 to 4.
- Terminator's Ataka missile's damages increased from 3 to 4.
- Adding a 2s cooldown between each ??Nano-healing? strikes. DISCLAIMER: the cooldown works, but is not yet feedbacked. It will be fixed.
Cartel : 
- LOSAT's price decreased from 500 to 400 RE.
- LOSAT's HE rocket's damages increased from 3 to 4.
- LOSAT's kinetic round's speed increased.
- LOSAT's sighting & firing range increased.
- Viper's rocket's damage increased from 2 to 3.
- Increasing Cartel's chances to get prisoners.
- SuperHind's ZAB Napalm Bomb now comes with additional incendiary ammos for the twin autocannon.
US Army : 
- Stryker ATGM, Guardian & Osprey's Hellfire NLOS missile's damage increased from 3 to 4.
Decreasing the Sniper's firing range and adding an upgrade (Heavy Barrel) in the Barracks to increase it (up to the pre-patch value).
- Bringing back the Deep Mining research in DefCon 1 (sorry, non-conclusive try).
- Hydrofracking research's price in $ decreased from 1500 to 1000$. Alu cost unchanged.
- Deep Mining research's price in $ decreased from 1500 to 1000$. Alu cost unchanged.
- Field Hospital doesn't require being built alongside the Barracks anymore. It becomes an independent building.


- Some of the longer texts of unit and upgrade hints are cut.
- The 2 seconds feedback on Nanohealingand Nanorecovery are not feedbacked on the button
- Weapon FX are not well placed on the units using the new multi-weapon systems (namely the Puma, the Pantsir, the Terminator and the Blazer)
- Stealth shot still displayed as "AMBUSH!". We will change it to "X2 DAMAGE" to be clearer.
- The Vanguard doesn't have Hold fire toggled by default. This will be changed.



BulbeGris - 28/08/2015 19:25
Ca y est , on peut enfin blober les hinds sans qu'ils se fassent dessus...

Je vais peut etre m'y remettre finalement si ça devient enfin jouable

Du tout bon, ce patch.


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