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WRD - Sortie du Map Pack#2 !

8 commentaires - Apolyon - Mardi 08 decembre 2015 à 16h10 - News

Le deuxième pack de cartes pour Wargame Red Dragon est sorti ! En plus des 6 nouvelles cartes, avec leur variante (soit 12 cartes en tout !)  , une petite pelle d'équilibrage vient s'y ajouter ! Et en ce moment, il fait bon d'être british !


Je vous laisse découvrir tout cela...


We are pleased to finally deliver this second free Map Pack ... and way before 2016, as some vile rumormongers would make you believe icon_twisted.gif .

Map Pack #2 will bring the game 7 new maps for Red Dragon & variants (detailed here, including a ported version of the community-requested Three Miles Island.

(4v4) Final Meltdown
(4v4) Sun of Juche
(1v1) Punch Bowl
(1v1) Hell in a very small Place
(3v3) Wrecks and Rocks
(3v3) 38th Perpendicular

The Pack is being uploaded on Steam as we speak, and will automatically download on your computer. If not, reboot Steam.

This version is multi-OS (Windows, Mac & Linux).


Su-25 gun suppression fixed



Every transport helicopter is now available in Motorized deck with the exception of marine-reserved ones (Panther, Ka-29, CH-46).
- BMP-1's GROM gun accuracy increased from 20% to 35%
- 9M33M3 missile of OSA AKM accuracy increased from 50% to 55%

- Chinese ZTQ-62G gun noise increased by about 20%
- British Gazelle AH.1 SNEB speed increased from 260kmh to 310kmh
- Danish Vildkat price increased from 20$ to 25$
- Japanese Hachi-Nana Shiki price increased from 25$ to 30$
- French VBL Mistral removed from Mechanized deck

- Soviet Gornostrelki '75 & Gornostrelki '90 now have access to BTR line of transport
- American Light Riflemen price reduced from 15$ to 10$
- British MILAN 2 squads avaialbility reduced to match other MILAN 2 squads
- Canadian Highlanders price reduced from 25$ to 20$
- Canadian Highlanders '75 & Highlanders '90 now have access to Grizzly and Bison as transport

- Soviet T-72BU top armor reduced from 5 to 4
- N-Korean T-90 top armor reduced from 5 to 4
- N-Korean Ch'onma-Ho IV optics increased from poor to medium

- Soviet 9M33 missile used by the OSA loses the radar trait, range set to 2800/2275
- Soviet BM-27 Uragan availability reduced from 3/2 to 2/1
- Soviet 2K22 Tunguska avialability increased from 4/3 to 5/4

- British Starstreak missile accuracy increased from 55% to 65% and HE increased from 5 to 6
- British Starstreak missile range vs ground targets reduced from 2800m to 2625m
- British Starstreak missile range vs helicopters increased from 2975m to 3150m
- British Starstreak missile range vs planes increased from 2275m to 2450m
- British Stormer HMV is now available in Armoured decks
- British Stormer HMV price increased from 70$ to 75$
- British FV 432 Mortar carrier ammo loadout reduced from 200 to 160
- British Tracked Rapier availability increased from 6/4 to 8/6
- British Tracked Rapier FSA range vs planes increased from 3500m to 3850m
- British Tracked Rapier FSA service date moved from 1983 to 1990
- British Tracked Rapier FSA price increased from 50$ to 55$
- British M270 MLRS now use cluster ammunitions
- Canadian ADATS is now available in Armoured decks
- Canadian ADATS prototyped, availability reduced to 1 card of 4
- Canadian ADATS front & side armor increased from 1 to 2
- Canadian ADATS accuracy increased to 70%
- Canadian ADATS range vs helicopters increased from 3150m to 3325m
- Canadian ADATS range vs planes increased from 2450m to 2625m
- Canadian ADATS price increased from 90$ to 110$

- Soviet BTR-80A availability per card increased by one step
- E-German SPz BMP-1 SP-1 price reduced from 15$ to 10$
- Soviet BMP-1 availability increased by one step
- Polish BWP-1 availability increased by one step
- CSSR BVP-1 availability increased by one step
- N-Korean Korshun availability increased by one step
- E-German SPz BMP-1 SP-2 availability increased by one step
- E-German SPz BMP-1 P/c availability increased by one step
- Soviet BMP-2 obr.86 availability increased by one step
- CSSR BVP-2 cz.86 availability increased by one step

- British Warrior ammunition loadout doubled from 120 to 240
- ANZAC Vickers Mk.11 availability reduced to a single card
- ANZAC Vickers Mk.11 optics increased from bad to medium
- Danish M/92-PNMK price reduced from 25$ to 20$
- S-Korean KAFV 40/50 price increased from 10$ to 15$

- Polish Mi-2 and W-3T Sokol removed from Mechanized, Armored and Support decks
- Polish Mi-24D added to Armored, Support and Mechanized decks
- Polish W3-W Sokol price reduced from 75$ to 70$

- American MH-60L DAP price increased from 60$ to 65$
- Danish Lynx removed from Mechanized, Armored and Support decks
- W-German Bo-105P/BSH availability increased by 1 step from 4/3 to 6/4

- Soviet Mig-29S price reduced from 135$ to 130$
- American F-111E & F-111F's ECM increased to 30%
- British Jaguar GR.1A missile range increased from 2975m to 3150m
- ANZAC F/A-18A Hornet price reduced from 140$ to 125$
- ANZAC Mirage 1110(A) price reduced from 80 to 65
- W-German Tornado IDS price reduced from 140$ to 130$
- French Mirage 5F price reduced from 110$ to 100$ - [RD]Red Dragon's MAP PACK #2 is LIVE! - [EUG]MadMat, 08.12.15 


Patch ou #leretourdesgrandsbretons

BlacK DREAM - 08/12/2015 17:28

c'est gene qui va être content

Surtout avec des ADATS pétés

je pourrais plus les jouer dans mes multi nations... ouiiiiin...

parfait je ne savais pas a quoi jouer ce soir :)

GenesisFRA - 08/12/2015 21:18

YEAHHHHH A MOI LE RETOUR DU GRAND EMPIRE ! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN  et pour info je vous informe que je déménage à LONDRES début 2016 ( avant le 15 janvier ) c'est confirmé . :rolleyes:

Traitre à la Nation

GhostSpartans - 08/12/2015 21:52

Il manque de neutralité tous sa...  -_-

Ouais... il a augmenté la menace des voisins...


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