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[WRD] Patch v.49986

2 commentaires - GhostSpartans - Jeudi 20 octobre 2016 à 17h22 - News

Le patch de Mardi !


Omission from previous patch:
- BTR-152 Pikud, M966 Humvee TOW-2, M1097 Avenger & M1025 Humvee CP HP fixed from 5 to 10
- Soviet PT-90 is now available for Airborne decks
- Polish PT-76B Desant is now available for Airborne decks
- Polish 9K33M2 Romb price fixed from 40$ to 45$
- E-German SPW-50PU armor fixed from 1/1/1/1 to 2/1/1/1

- RoF display bug fixed on tanks with autoloaders
- fixing the Tzefa B tail rotor.
- fixing the Tzefa E tail rotor.
- fixing the Ya'sur NimrodE zoomed-out model.
- Fixing the Macbeth's weapon sound.
- Fixing the Israeli vehicle-mounted MAG's sound.
- Fixing the TCM 20 (RAM & BTR-152 variant)'s sound.

- AMX-13 tanks & recon armor increased from 2/1/1/1 to 3/2/1/1
- Elite versions of the MG3 are now available

- M51 Isherman service date changed from 1982 to 1973 (hence is available in Cat-C, as it should be)
- Djapas Orev ammunition loadout fixed from 8 to 4 missiles
- Laish mortar now can fire smoke rounds and is amphibious
- RAM Recce stealth increased to medium as the other recon transports
- Tzefa E removed from Mechanized & Armored decks like the other AA helicopters
- Makmat price increased from 50$ to 60$ and availability reduced from 6 to 4
- Maglan prototyped, Spike MR speed slightly reduced
- Hafiz prototyped
- Merkava IIA ammo loadout reduced from 14 to 9 (2/3 of the real loadout as the other tanks) price increased from 80$ to 85$
- Drakon price increased from 40$ to 55$, availability reduced from 8 to 6, missile changed from MIM-72A to MIM-72F (they used the C version IRL which is basically the same)
- Mag'ach 7 Gimel availability increased from 6 to 8
- Lahatut TOW renamed Lahatut Orev.

- Diggers ability to fire their MG on the move removed

- Flakpanzer Gepard A2 now carry 4 extra stingers

- STRIPBV 3021 armor fixed from 2/1/1/1 to 4/2/1/1
- STRIBPBV 90, AMOS, EPBV 90 and LVKV 90 armor fixed from 4/3/2/2 to 5/3/2/2
- Command STRV 103 now is amphibious too

- Chu-MAT missile guidance fixed from SACLOS to SALH, fly speed increased.

- L86 LMG RoF reduced from 600RPM to 500RPM
- Paratroopers '90 now use the minimi instead of the L4

- PGZ-95 now carry 4 extra QW-2 missiles

- Ch'onma-ho V is now prototype according to it's service date, removed from motorized decks, armory filter fixed
- ZSD-531A armor fixed from 2/1/1/1 to 1/1/1/1, availability increased by one step
Alors ? Les changement se font sentir ? ;)
Forum Officiel Eugen Systems - [Red Dragon]Patch (v.49986) - [EUG]MadMat, 18.10.16
EDIT APO. : Merci, pour le psot, j'ai été un peu sur-booké ces derniers temps ;)


Oh Mon Dieu, la puissance des decks airborne vient d'être décuplée par l'ajout de TANKS !!!!



sinon... hé israel, t'as faim ? du veux du nerf ? tiens mange c'est à volonté :)  mais comme on a pitié et qu'il faut pas taper sur israel sinno on aura les assos au cul on te file un anti air a la place.

Proto mais toujours 2 cartes de maglans et deux cartes de hafiz, pas tant Izrael nerf sur le coup mais les decks bleus sans nation. Et leur chaparal a un boost de portée(3100+) + 6he meme si reste 40% precision (2 cartes aussi)

Par contre les paratroopers anglais deviennent tres sympa je trouve...


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